Wednesday, August 10, 2011


OK, it took me four days. I didn't want to start my blog off negative but I've been waiting to share this "buyer beware" story. I hope that you all read this and NO ONE WILL EVER shop on this website.

It was my son's birthday, and as I always do, I let Jacob decide what theme his party would be this year. The big decision was Shrek! I went online to find the best price on plates, napkins, favors, pinata ... you know the deal. $55.15 plus $13.80 for shipping later -- the order was placed. I used the website since they seemed to have the best prices and selection. Well, I guess you know how this story ends.... After many calls, e-mails and tears (those are mine) the order never came and I had to order from another website with rush shipping. I think my e-mails say it all

Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2011 8:45 PM

Subject: Re: order yhst-12866521576591-12484 from

Hometown Celebrations,

I have tried to contact you on several occasions with no response. It is pathetic that you would take an order without shipping and/or any response. You have ruined my 6 year old's Shrek birthday this Sat. I wish you could be here to explain that Mommy can't delivery his wish.
Please credit my account ASAP for the order below. If I do not hear from you by noon tomorrow I will dispute with my credit card. I have seen several complaints about you with a similar story. Your company is a fraud and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Rachel Wilner

"To: " (through Yahoo! Store Order System)" <>
Date: Friday, March 5, 2011, 7:42 AM
Please cancel this order. I've tried contacting you repeatedly. The party is tomorrow and the items will not be here in time. The order was placed on the 22nd. Completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! I've already ordered and received from another website!!!! So disappointed and frustrated.

This was the worst experience I'd ever had virtual shopping. I did file with the Better Business Bureau. And now with you. Shew, I feel vindicated.

(I did end up buying from - came in two days and I had to pay some hefty shipping. I'll review them later, but they sure get the gold medal for getting my party supplies to me! I also got my money back on my credit card from

Website Review - WORST website ever.

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  1. whew...I will definitely stay away from this one. Little guy is only going to be 2 this fall so I haven't had to deal with disappointment..that would be horrible:(