Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Purple is the New Black

I was on the hunt for the perfect little dress for a party I was hosting at our house. I knew I wouldn't have time to run to the mall since we'd be on vacation until the day before the big party. SO, what's a girl to do?? Go to the Victoria Secret website! I went a little virtual shopping happy and also bought a bunch of things to take on vacation. Three sundresses/coverups and a black bikini later .... my virtual shopping spree was complete.

My package of goodies arrived in only three days (yay for free shipping). Boy, do I love trying on a bikini in the comfort of my own home. Too bad it only covered half my butt :) The bikini and an $11 sundress had to go back (sundress was pretty skimpy, so I know why it was on sale). But success, the purple dress would work for the party!

I returned the items and the money was put back into my account within about a week (with $5.99 deducted to pay for return shipping). I hate paying for the return, but I justify that it sure did make my life easier to shop and try on from home.

The party and the dress were both a success! (and congrats to my husband for becoming a partner in his medical practice!)

Website Review - VictoriaSecret.com has a great website that's well organized and makes it easy to shop (maybe too easy :). Shipping came quickly in three days, but I hate paying for the return.

Product Review - The dress was a little expensive for a light sundress ($49.50). But I did get a ton of compliments. I love the purple and visual circles with rhinestones. Just the right amount of "bedazzling" for a special occasion.

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