Monday, August 15, 2011

Designer European Clothes ... Get 'em while they last!

A little birdie told me about an eBoutique going out of business (Ok, that birdie is my sister who has three adorable girls). Final clearance, no returns, no exchanges... just some darn cute clothes. The website is and carries high-end European brands like Small Paul, tea and Zutano.

The adorable outfit Sydney's wearing was originally $56 but can be bought right now for $21.90. The vintage feel and sweet ruffles make this little outfit just right! That beautiful baby doesn't need any help ... but if you add the cute outfit -- perfection!!!

Shop now for amazing discounts and if the clothes don't work when you get them -- put them on eBay!

Website review -, super cute stuff and incredible prices because they're closing shop. No returns or exchanges. You'll pay for shipping but get it the next day.
Product review - Super cute and super quality. Just The Right Top and Shorts!


  1. Boy, that is one cute baby!! (and a great website too!)

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  4. Cute, cute, cute -- that little girl is precious and the outfit is adorable. Love your postings!

  5. adorable lil lady...and the outfit is to DIE for. I am familiar w some of those brands...tea is one of my favs for my son....but it is hard to stomach the prices since he grows out of everything SO quickly..thanks for the heads up.
    Found you through PSMM....following along!