Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Magic Night Light

Of all the things I've bought online, this might be the best purchase (and invention) EVER! Do you have a child that makes a guest appearance in your bedroom at some point throughout the night? Would you love to get that extra half hour of sleep? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER. The Good Nite Lite is a night light that you place on a timer. You'll set the timer to switch to a moon at bedtime (8:30 PM for my boys) and a "wake-up" time when the moon changes to a sun (that's 7:00 AM for us). Then, tell those kids not to come in your room until they see the sun on their night light. My husband was completely skeptical (I bought 2, one for each kid's room) Boy, did I prove him wrong! From the first day we plugged those suckers into the wall -- they worked!! Ahhh, uninterrupted sleep until 7:00. Now they play in their room, read books or ... SLEEP until the sun switches on.

Website review -
I ordered through Amazon which can't get any easier! I paid $34.99 for each night light and $10.30 for shipping (no deal here, but I was desperate to sleep past 6:00 am.) It was delivered in 4 days.
★★★★☆ (I took one star off since I couldn't find a deal for shipping)

Product review -
Good Nite Lite MAGICAL!

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