Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daddy Gets His Kicks On

The family took a vacation to Margate, NJ we and couldn't resist an excursion to the Atlantic City Outlets. We wandered into the Adidas store and my husband came across his "need to have" item. He spotted the Adidas Campus 2 Sneakers in Navy and fell instantly in love (just like he did with me ;) Being the very savvy shopper he is, he scanned the barcode with his IPhone app, RedLaser, which instantly checks online for price comparisons. (If you don't have this app, download it now!) This was a very smart thing to do since the "outlet" price was $65 and Macy's had the exact pair for $53.99. Outlet price -- I think not! (I guess I should also mention that they didn't have his size.)

We left his love behind with a promise that I would purchase them online. I searched all over and was surprised to find that Macy's really did have the cheapest price. This great price combined with a 20% off coupon was like hitting the jackpot (Side note: Did you know you could use those millions of coupons that you get in the mail when online shopping? Well, there's an online code on the front. I probably could have held out for 25% off but didn't think my husband would make it!)

All in, with delivery, the shoes cost $48 -- which was way better than the "outlet" price of $65!
Website Review - Who would have thought? Better than Zappos, NiceKicks and Shoebuy. Would have liked free shipping and took 4 days to came ... but we couldn't beat the price.
Product Review - He hasn't complained of blisters yet :) Good lookin' sneaks for a good lookin' hubby. We're just trying to keep it cool around here.

P.S. Today he bought another pair of Pumas (Whirlwind) through again. I don't know where he's wearing all these sneakers ....


  1. Doesn't the hubby looked thrilled to take the picture :)