Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reduce sibling fights now! (one STEP at a time)

Maybe it's just my house but we've had some serious struggles when it comes time to brushing teeth. Every night it was a big deal who would stand at which sink and what stool they'd stand on. I was over it. It was time to get rid of the mismatched stools and personalize them so NO MORE arguments!

I searched for the perfect stool and found a great deal on The Personalized Step 'n Store was exactly what I needed. There were several choices: stool color, letter color and word font. I also loved that the top came up so the boys could store things in there. Very cute!

I got 10% off but paid for shipping so the total came to $80.41. My husband thought I was insane to spend so much for two stepping stools -- but it doesn't seem so crazy now that they've stopped fighting, right!! (well, at least at tooth brushing time :) The stools were a total pain to put together but once together they really were adorable and strong. Can I stop them from wrestling in the living room? NO. But can we cut down on the arguments in the bathroom? YUP!

Website review: has a ton of cute thing so make sure to check out the entire website. I ordered on the 22nd and they came on the 27th and I thought the price was fair.
Product review: I love the look of the stools. But, ugh, putting them together sucked. The boys love hiding their toothpaste in the "secret spot". (And unfortunately, some other strange things can be found in there, too :)


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