Thursday, August 11, 2011

What to do with all those digital phtos?!

So, I'm a little obsessed. I'm one of those mothers that always has a camera in her kid's face. I love snapping pictures and trying to capture just that perfect moment. About a year ago I decided it was time to do something with all those photos (currently 21,171 photos on my MacBook Pro to be exact). I investigated a few websites that create photo books including Apple, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Lulu and Smilebooks. Ultimately, I chose based on quality, ease of use, and price (you can always find a coupon code). It's been an ongoing project, but I've been able to create a book for each year back to 2004.

Side note: It's interesting to see how the quality of my photos have improved with each camera purchase. We finally broke down and bought a Nikon D40 after missing all the best pictures due to shutter speed. I love my camera now. (I smell a future blog coming on!)

Back to the topic at hand, the books look so professional and I just know my kids are going to love looking at them with their girlfriends in 10 years (yeah right). I am really pleased with how they have turned out and proud of myself for actually doing something productive with all those pictures!!

Website Review: - I love this website. It's been great for storing photos, making photo books and even creating a "group room" for my son's kindergarten class to share pictures. My 2004 book had 64 pages and cost me $71. I had a 50% off coupon which brought the book to $35 + $6.99 for shipping (so total order $45.45). Completely worth it!

Product review: I love these books! I can't wait to get old and look back at how cute we all were!

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