Thursday, August 18, 2011

Display that Artwork with Style!

We got a very cool World map wall mural for Jacob's room. (I bought it from but it doesn't seem to be currently available. You can also find it at Jacob really loves looking at the places we've been and where people we know live and vacation.

I had an idea to ask our friends and family from different states/countries to send a postcard addressed to Jacob. (yeah, I actually gave out homework). Jacob was so excited to get all the postcards in the mail and then find them on the map. I couldn't figure out what to do with them but knew I wanted to incorporate them into the room decor (p.s. thanks to all those people far and wide that sent postcards!!)

I found the coolest clotheslines on that were ridiculously cheap and super cute. I loved the one that had blue and white stripped clothes pins and star designed hooks. They were so simple to hang and they helped fill up a large wall space. (Hmmm...I'm feeling inspired to order more and create a layered look.)

These would be a great way to display your child's artwork with style and then switch it out each school year. For $14.95, you kind-of can't beat it. So go ahead, hang your kid's work proudly!

Website Review - The website (and catalog) are beautifully done. The prices are great and I got free shipping -- that's success!
Product Review - I wish they had more clothes pins included, but overall a great product for a great price.

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