Sunday, August 21, 2011

I heart Ballard.

For some (me) decorating your house can be a challenge. I've tried to create an adult space that's warm and inviting while being "kid friendly" and free for our friends and family to enjoy. (I know my mother will laugh at this ... but we had a room in our house growing up called the "Green Room". We couldn't sit in the green room, walk in the green room or even LOOK at that green room for that matter! Don't tell, but my sister, brother and I used to walk on the furniture so she didn't see our footprints on the carpet!)

Anyway, that leads me back to decorating.... I LOVE Ballard Design and have pulled so much inspiration from their catalog. I have bought so many pieces, from the smallest door stop to large furniture like a day bed. I received a table that was damaged and they paid for the return without batting an eyelash.

My most recent purchase (that pulled an entire room together) were their Vintage Cloisonne Prints. I bought all 6 of the unique pictures (above) and hung them over a couch. A huge wall space that I really had no idea what to do with. I still have some more to do in the room ... but I'm getting there! (suggestions welcome :)

Here are some of the other things I have bought at Ballard:

Good Housekeeping print and Laundry Letters for my laundry room:
Alexander Martinot Clock in my kitchen

Coat rack and day bed for an entryway nook:

I've been so happy with all of my purchases. It can be hard to shop online without touching and feeling... but I've never been disappointed! Go ahead -- and go catalog shopping now!

Website Review: I love Ballard. I think they have great customer service and have always worked with me for exchanges/returns. They are always running specials, so get on their e-mail list.
Product Review: I'm speaking specifically to the 6 Vintage Cloisonne. I love the dark wood frame and the unique designs of the picture. Great for my home!


  1. rachel - i am SOOO loving your blog. and your house! dying to see it in real life now as you have such a touch for decorating. i need you to come over to my house, give me some ideas and do some catalog and web shopping for me so I can place an order. xoxo

  2. One of our favorite things to add to our living room right by our front door was an old washstand with a mirror. We could all drop keys, gloves etc. in the bowl and they were easy to find going out the door the next day. Also easy to clean up if company was coming! Plus it allowed us to have a mirror right by the front door--very useful for me and my daughters for that last quick check as you're heading out the door. We found ours at a garage sale, but I think it was one of those things you could buy in the sale part of Spiegel or something similar--it's not super fancy but it does the job and the wood grain is pretty.